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Minecraft Emojis

Emoji Type
  1. Minecraft Emojis
    1. General
    2. Mobile (iOS/Android/Fire TV)
    3. PC (Windows 10/MacOS/Chrome OS)
    4. Xbox (One/Series X/Series S)
    5. Nintendo Switch
    6. Playstation (4/5)
    7. Oculus (Rift/Rift S)
    8. Windows MR (Mixed Reality)

Minecraft has a bunch of hard-coded Private Use Unicode symbols that it automatically converts to Emoji-like symbols. These can be used anywhere where normal letters can - signs, books, item names, chat, etc.

Below you can find platform specific Emoji’s, as well as general symbols. Copy/paste the “box” character under the Letter collum directly into Minecraft.


Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Armor U+E101 )
Food U+E100 )
Minecoin U+E102 )
Token U+E105 )
Agent U+E103 )
Immersive Reader U+E104 )
Craft Toggle On U+E0A0 )
Craft Toggle Off U+E0A1 )

Mobile (iOS/Android/Fire TV)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Jump U+E084 )
Couch U+E085 )
Fly Up U+E086 )
Fly Down U+E087 )
Left Arrow U+E081 )
Right Arrow U+E083 )
Up Arrow U+E080 )
Down Arrow U+E082 )

PC (Windows 10/MacOS/Chrome OS)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Left Click U+E060 )
Right Click U+E061 )
Middle Click U+E062 )

Xbox (One/Series X/Series S)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Y U+E003 )
B U+E001 )
A U+E000 )
X U+E002 )
Back U+E008 )
Start U+E009 )
LB (Left Bumper) U+E004 )
RB (Right Bumper) U+E005 )
LT (Left Trigger) U+E006 )
RT (Right Trigger) U+E007 )
LS (Left Stick) U+E00A )
RS (Right Stick) U+E00B )
D-pad Up U+E00C )
D-pad Right U+E00F )
D-pad Down U+E00E )
D-pad Left U+E00D )

Nintendo Switch

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
X U+E042 )
A U+E040 )
B U+E041 )
Y U+E043 )
+ U+E049 )
- U+E048 )
L (Left Bumper) U+E044 )
R (Right Bumper) U+E045 )
ZL (Left Trigger) U+E046 )
RL (Right Trigger) U+E047 )
L (Left Stick) U+E04A )
R (Right Stick) U+E04B )
D-pad Up U+E04C )
D-pad Right U+E04F )
D-pad Down U+E04E )
D-pad Left U+E04D )

Playstation (4/5)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Triangle U+E023 )
Circle U+E021 )
Cross U+E020 )
Square U+E022 )
Options/Share U+E029 )
Touch Pad U+E028 )
L1 (Left Bumper) U+E024 )
R1 (Right Bumper) U+E025 )
L2 (Left Trigger) U+E026 )
R2 (Right Trigger) U+E027 )
L3 (Left Stick) U+E02A )
R3 (Right Stick) U+E02B )
D-pad Up U+E02C )
D-pad Right U+E02F )
D-pad Down U+E02E )
D-pad Left U+E02D )

Oculus (Rift/Rift S)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
0 U+E0E0 )
B U+E0E2 )
A U+E0E1 )
Y U+E0EA )
X U+E0E9 )
LG (Left Grip) U+E0E3 )
RG (Right Grip) U+E0E4 )
LT (Left Trigger) U+E0E7 )
RT (Right Trigger) U+E0E8 )
LS (Left Stick) U+E0E5 )
RS (Right Stick) U+E0E6 )

Windows MR (Mixed Reality)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Menu U+E0C2 )
Windows U+E0CD )
Left Touchpad U+E0C5 )
Left Horizontal Touchpad U+E0C6 )
Left Vertical Touchpad U+E0C7 )
Right Touchpad U+E0C8 )
Right Horizontal Touchpad U+E0C9 )
Right Vertical Touchpad U+E0CA )
LT (Left Trigger) U+E0CB )
RT (Right Trigger) U+E0CC )
LG (Left Grab) U+E0C0 )
RG (Right Grab) U+E0C1 )
LS (Left Stick) U+E0C3 )
RS (Right Stick) U+E0C4 )