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What is tellraw

tellraw sends a JSON message to selected or all players being usefull for sending plain messages to players ingame


tellraw <target: target> <raw json message: json> this is how the tell raw command is formated

broken down

<target: target> The target is expressed as a playername or player groups such as @a @r @s @p <raw json message: json> this is expressed with {"rawtext":[{"text":""}]}


This sends the words in the last set of quotes /tellraw @a {"rawtext":[{"text":"Hello"}]}

To use quotations in a tellraw message place a backslash to the left side of the quotation mark /tellraw @a {"rawtext":[{"text":"┬žbColor text"}]}

To insert a line break use \n /tellraw @a {"rawtext":[{"text":"Text1\nText2"}]}

To have a language changing text /tellraw @a {"rawtext":[{"translate":"accessibility.downloading.complete"}]} please note you will need to edit each languages files for this to work

The titleraw command follows the same theme