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Getting Started with Addons

Creating addons is hard, often overwhelming work. This document will provide you with a jump-start guide to addon creation, with an emphasis on “here is where to find more information”, rather than rewriting everything here.

Where can I get help?

You should join the following discord servers:

What editor should I use?

I highly suggest VSCode, or Bridge. Bridge is an editor designed specifically for editing Minecraft addons. You can find more information on editors here. You should also be using a JSON-Schema

OK but how do I actually get started?

The best place to start is probably the Minecraft Bedrock Beginners Guide. You should also bookmark the Minecraft Bedrock Documentation. After that, your best bet is to just try things! Download the vanilla Behavior Pack and Resource Pack. Poke around. Try changing things.

What if my addon doesn’t work?

You will need to debug your entity. The troubleshooting page can be useful.