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1.16 Changes

What exactly changed in 1.16? This document will attempt an overview of the known breaking changes and new features.

Start by reading the change-log!

New Data Driven Behaviors

Most attack goals are now data-driven Most Slime and swim goals are now data-driven Experience Orbs have been data-driven Fireballs have been data-driven Elytra have been data-driven NPC geometry and animations have been data-driven Tree generation is now data-driven Drowned are now data-driven Wither skull attacks are now data-driven Item sprites are now data-driven

New Components

minecraft:admire_item minecraft:barter minecraft:behavior.admire_item minecraft:behavior.avoid_block minecraft:behavior.barter minecraft:behavior.equip_item minecraft:behavior.rise_to_liquid_level minecraft:custom_hit_test minecraft:lava_movement minecraft:npc

Confirmed No Longer Experimental

  • Custom blocks
  • Custom Items
  • Structure Blocks
  • Recipes

Still Experimental

  • Scripting (JS)

Breaking Format Changes

  • Timer components "looping" key now only accepts boolean arguments. String-booleans like "true" and "false" are no longer allowed.
  • Map color definition changed to “minecraft:map_color”: “#FFFFFF”,
  • Block component definition format has been updated and simplified.
  • Models that have more than one locator [with the same name], e.g lead will now return an error, which wasn’t previously the case.
    • Also the case if you use multiple geometries that each have the same locator. This is considered invalid, each locator must be unique in an entity.
  • Minecraft type_family now forces the inclusion of a separate “family” array. Before, type_family itself could be a list containing families.
  • is_weather deprecated changed to weather

Miscellaneous Broken Stuff

  • Addrider with Behavior Pack animations is broken.
  • on_interact with ridden entities is broken.

Miscellaneous New Features

  • "loop" attribute of client side animations has new option "hold_on_last_frame"