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This page contains a list of frequently asked questions in the technical-bedrock community that do not deserve a long-form wiki entry. Please contribute your own questions/answers, so we can grow this resource!

tip: Use ctrl+f to quickly find content.

How can I remove a spawn egg of an entity from creative menu?

  • Make the spawnable component false inside the behavior file
  • And delete the spawn egg component inside the resource file

What is the default friction of vanilla blocks?


Can I make custom, transparent blocks?


How can I make animation that always runs?

Make the animation looping and don’t let it transition to another animation

Where can I find the error/output logs for Bedrock?


How can I make a completely invisible shadow under the entity, without changing the collision boxe?

  • 1) use runtime of armor stand
  • 2) edit the shadow.material

How can I remove clouds?

Change the RP cloud texture to be completely alpha

Can I add knockback to entity’s attack without using minecraft:behavior.knockback_roar?


Can I make a directional facing custom block?


How can I test if a player is in the Nether or End?

You can’t

How do I stop my entity from being pushed around?

"minecraft:push_through": {
  "value": 0

How do I stop my entity from being pushed by water?

You can’t

Are variables saved?

No, they are reset when the entity unloads (like on world exit, or chunk-unload)

How can I make a mob glow?

Use the entity_emissive or entity_emissive_alpha material, it uses the alpha layer of images to make things “glow”. See spider eyes for an example.

Is it possible to give yourself a spawner with already mobs inside?


Is it possible to do “on_entry”:[“/execute @e[name=variable.some_name] …”]?


Where can i download the bedrock resources?


Is it possible to only damage an entity when holding specific item?

Set up a damage_sensor and set deals_damage to false when they’re not holding the item.

Where do I find the molang variable list?


Can I use /give to get shulker box with items?

  • No
  • The workaround: Clone a chest to the player and /fill destroy it.
  • Another work-around: Spawn a dummy-entity with a loot-table, and then kill it.