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This page contains a list of frequently asked questions in the technical-bedrock community that do not deserve a long-form wiki entry. Please contribute your own questions/answers, so we can grow this resource!

tip: Use ctrl+f to quickly find content.

How can I remove a spawn egg of an entity from creative menu?

  • Make the spawnable component false inside the behavior file
  • And delete the spawn egg component inside the resource file

What is the default friction of vanilla blocks?


Can I make custom, transparent blocks?


How can I make animation that always runs?

Make the animation looping and don’t let it transition to another animation

Where can I find the error/output logs for Bedrock?


How can I make a completely invisible shadow under the entity, without changing the collision boxe?

  • 1) use runtime of armor stand
  • 2) edit the shadow.material

How can I remove clouds?

Change the RP cloud texture to be completely alpha

Can I add knockback to entity’s attack without using minecraft:behavior.knockback_roar?


Can I make a directional facing custom block?


How can I test if a player is in the Nether or End?

Detailed explanation of how to do it: Create a component group for each dimension, or just one if you’re only testing one dimension. Then add an environment sensor to the player.json file testing for the is_biome query. Set the tested biome to the_end if you are testing for the End dimension. If you are doing the Nether, change the all_of statement at the beginning of the sensor to any_of and then run five different biome tests for the five different biome IDs of the 1.16 Nether: hell, crimson_forest, warped_forest, soulsand_valley and basalt_deltas. Then make an is_in_nether (or is_in_end, depending on which you do) component group for the player, and make the environment sensor run an event that adds the respective dimension’s component group to the player, removing any others if necessary. Each component group will spawn its own custom entity which will run an animation controller to add a tag to the player incidating they are in a certain dimension (for example, /tag @p add inNether), removing other dimensions’ tags if necessary. The entity(s) doesn’t matter much; just make it despawn after a tick or two. After that, feel free to do whatever you want with the players tagged in their respective dimensions. Back to the previous example, identifying all the players in the Nether dimension will look like @a[tag=inNether].

Tl;dr version: It can be done through an environment sensor and a bit of json magic.

How do I stop my entity from being pushed around?

"minecraft:push_through": {
  "value": 0

How do I stop my entity from being pushed by water?

You can’t

Are variables saved?

No, they are reset when the entity unloads (like on world exit, or chunk-unload)

How can I make a mob glow?

Use the entity_emissive or entity_emissive_alpha material, it uses the alpha layer of images to make things “glow”. See spider eyes for an example.

Is it possible to give yourself a spawner with already mobs inside?


Is it possible to do “on_entry”:[“/execute @e[name=variable.some_name] …”]?


Where can I download the bedrock resources?

The bedrock resources can be found here.

Is it possible to only damage an entity when holding specific item?

Set up a damage_sensor and set deals_damage to false when they’re not holding the item.

Where do I find the molang variable list?

The molang variable list can be found here.

Can I use /give to get shulker box with items?

  • No
  • The workaround: Clone a chest to the player and /fill destroy it.
  • Another work-around: Spawn a dummy-entity with a loot-table, and then kill it.

What is the max seconds in a /effect command?

  • 2147483647