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Style Guide

Table of contents
  1. Style Guide
    1. Structuring
    2. File and Folder names
    3. Namespaces
    4. Sub-indexing
    5. Groups and Events should complement each other
    6. Functions should be nested
    7. Group into files when possible
    8. Split textures by path, not name
    9. Acronyms when discussing

This document will present the officially supported Bedrock-Wiki style-guide for addon-creation. The goal of this guide is to promote best-practices while creating addons, and create a consistent format for everyone to follow.


No spaces in your file paths. use_underscores.

No CAPITALS in your identifiers, file names, or folder names, except at the top level.

File and Folder names

Concept Example Identifier
Behavior Pack dragons_BP
Resource Pack dragons_RP
Geometry dragon.geo.json
Animation dragon.animation.json
Animation Controller
RP Entity dragon.entity.rp.json
BP Entity dragon.entity.bp.json
BP Item dragon_tooth.item.bp.json
RP Item dragon_tooth.item.rp.json
Render Controller dragon.render.json
Loot Table dragon.loot.json
Dragon Saddle dragon_saddle.recipe.json
Spawn Rules dragon.spawn.json
Trade Table
Particles dragon_magic.particle.json
Texture dragon.png


A good namespace is completely unique to you. Something like mob or cars or content or custom would be a bad namespace, since another developer might come up with the same namespace as you.

For personal projects, use a convenient version of your player name, and for team projects, use a convenient version of your team name.

When multiple developers work a project together, the namespace should always be shared. If credit is required, use sub-indexing: sapphire.sirlich:dragon


Sub indexing is the use of . to separate chained concepts. Sub-indexing should go in descending order from big to small:

animation.controller.dragon.flying.taking_off NOT animation.controller.dragon_take_off_flying

_ should be used as spaces when sub-indexing -don’t use another dot.

animation.controller.dragon.flying.taking_off NOT

You can use sub-indexing in your entities: sirlich:dragon.drake

Groups and Events should complement each other

Group Event
sirlich:wild sirlich:become_wild

Functions should be nested

Good Bad
teleport/zone/hell teleport_hellzone

Group into files when possible

All animations for a specific entity should be grouped together into one file for example.

Split textures by path, not name

Good Bad
dragon/blue dragon_blue
dragon/red dragon_red

Acronyms when discussing

Acronym Concept
BP Behavior Pack
RP Resource pack
VRP Vanilla Resource Pack
VBP Vanilla Behavior Pack
AC Animation Controller
RPAC Resource Pack Animation Controller
BPAC Behavior Pack Animation Controller
BB Blockbench
EZ Element Zero