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Cancelling Death Animations

Table of contents
  1. Cancelling Death Animations
  2. Teleporting the Entity
  3. Cancelling the Animation
    1. Credits


Death animation refers to the rotation of the entity as it dies. This is accompanied by a red coloring, and followed shortly after by the disappearance of the entity geometry, and the appearance of the death particles.

Teleporting the Entity

A fairly common way to remove entities without causing death-effects, is to simply teleport them into the void. This can be done from animation controllers like: /teleport @s ~ ~-1000 ~

Please note that this will remove all death-effects, including sound, particles, loot, and the visual death of the entity.

Cancelling the Animation

We can also cancel the rotational value of the entity, allowing the entity to die more conventionally (particles, red-coloring, loot) without the 90 degree spin. This could be useful for things like furniture, where the tipping over effect of entity-death is not desirable.

If you need more information about triggering animations from entity death, see this document on death effects.

Rotation needs to be applied to a bone parent to all other bones, with a pivot at [0,0,0], and the animation should only start when !query.is_alive.


"rotation" : [ 0, 0, "Math.min(Math.sqrt(Math.max(0, query.anim_time * 20 - 0.5) / 20 * 1.6), 1) * -90" ]


MrPengoiun & Energyxxer