Structure Presentation

Why this page exists?

Representing features of your add-on has same importance as features' quality. If people like representation of your add-on, most likely they will try it and love it. In this page representation of structures will be discussed.

Presentation Methods

Actually, there are lots ways of showing your structure to people. You can:

  • Make in-game screenshot.
  • Show it in structure block (also in-game).
  • Screenshot of rendered 3D object of your structure.

Lower all this methods will be shown. For this we will be using a structure of pillager outpost.

In-Game Screenshot

This method is not bad and lots of people use it, however there are some difficulties, like finding a good place for placing structure. This method is very good if you have RTX on or shaders (which are extincting).

In Structure Block

This method is for lazy people and is not good at all. Structure rendering in structure blocks is kinda broken and you need to carefully see if you are making a screenshot without them.

You can also change the border and clear background but it will be even more difficult.

Rendered 3D Object

You can export your structure as a 3D model. If 3D export button is not working for you, try to use following fix:

Download Pack

This method is mostly available for pc users. You can create a simple render in Paint 3D and more advanced in blender. In this case we can represent our structure in a fast and easy way.

⬇ If you have any other methods, feel free to edit this page.