Addons Explained

What are addons?

Addons allow us to modify the contents of our Minecraft Experience by modifying or removing existing content and adding our own. Addons are very powerful and allow us to create custom entities, items, and blocks, as well as things like custom loot tables and crafting recipes. Your imagination is the limit!

Addons are primarily written in json, which is a structured data-format. An addon is essentially a collection of json files, images, and sounds, which modify or add to the game in some way.

What's the difference between a Behavior Pack & a Resource Pack?

Addons are split into two pack types: Resource Packs, and Behavior Packs. Both can function independently, but they are most commonly used together. When you have both a Resource Pack and Behavior Pack, this is referred to as an addon.

Resource Pack

The Resource Pack, also known as the client, or RP, is responsible for the visuals and sounds in your addon. This includes things like:

  • Textures
  • Sounds
  • Geometry
  • Animations
  • Particles

Behavior Pack

The Behavior Pack, also known as the server, or BP, is responsible for the logic of your addon. This can include things like:

  • How your entity acts
  • Crafting recipes
  • Loot tables
  • Custom functions

Communication between packs

In most cases, you will have both a RP and a BP together. These packs can communicate with or will require each other for them to function properly, in the sense that assets defined in one can be accessed in the other. For example, when creating a custom entity, you need two files:

  • An RP entity definition, which describes how your entity will look
  • A BP entity definition, which describes how your entity will act

What you have learned


  • Addons modify Minecraft content or add their own
  • Addons are written in json
  • An addon is split into the Resource Pack and the Behavior Pack: - Resource Packs contain Textures, Sounds, ... and control how the game looks - Behavior Packs contain entity-files, crafting recipes, ... and control the logic of your game

What to do now?

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