Bedrock Wiki

This wiki is a knowledge-sharing website for Technical Bedrock, containing documentation, tutorials, and general how-to information.

Step-by-step tutorials, intended as your first-contact with addons.

Missing something? You can continue to visit the old wiki here, but please be warned it will not contain any new or updated content.

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Beginner's Guide: Learn about the structure of Behavior Pack Entity files.

Troubleshooting: Learn to troubleshoot common issues when creating entities, such as invisible textures.


Beginner's Guide: A "Hello world" guide in creating your first item.

Items 1.16+: Learn about the new experimental items.


Beginner's Guide: A "Hello world" guide in making blocks.

Blocks 1.16+: Learn about the new experimental blocks.


Beginner's Guide: Learn the basics of the legacy scripting-API

Game Test Framework: Learn about the new scripting-API!

World Generation

Beginner's Guide: Learn about creation of custom biomes, structures, ores and more.

This wiki is built and maintained by a community! If you feel you can improve the wiki, or have questions or feedback, please get in touch.