Contributing to the Bedrock Wiki

You've found a typo, couldn't get along with a guide because it was too complicated or want to write your own guide to help other users create their own addons? Then you've come to the right place!

Our Bedrock wiki is fully open source and is maintained by our lovely community. And this community grows every day! If you want to be part of this community, get help on addons or just want to expand our wiki, you can join our Discord Server!

Join our Discord Server here!


The entire wiki can be updated by our community. If you've spotted a typo, want to add a new article or update an old page, then you can visit our github repository.

Visit our GitHub Repository

For small changes, like a typo, correcting false information or to rewrite small sections for clarity, you may directly open a Pull Request on GitHub. For more complex changes, like full article rewrites or new articles, join our Discord and get in touch with our community!

For more information on how to contribute to the wiki, including the download of resources that you need, setting up your working environment and using GitHub, view our guide on How to contribute to the wiki!

Bedrock OSS

Bedrock OSS is a GitHub Organization that maintains many Minecraft Bedrock resources, including the wiki! You can view our github organization here, and our Discord here.

To contribute to our wiki, you don't need to be part of this organization. The members of this organization have experience in editing the wiki and can help you with questions at any time. Just ask a question on our Discord Server and we are glad to help you!

And what should i do now?

  • If you are interested in helping us maintain the wiki and already know how to fork a GitHub Repository, edit it and create a Pull Request, you can start at our Project Repository!
  • If you want to help, but don't know where to begin, you can visit our How to contribute to our wiki guide!
  • If you already started editing and have a question, ask it in our Discord Server.
  • If you want to help us, but don't know what to do, visit our Project Board. There are always problems to be solved in the To Do section!

And now, have fun!