Structure Presentation

Why this page exists

Presenting features of an add-on clearly has same importance in showcasing quality. If people can understand an add-on and it's features they might be more likely to try it. This page will demonstrate a way of presenting structures.

Presentation Methods

There are lots ways of you could showcase structures to people. You can:

  • Take in-game screenshots of the structure.
  • Take a screenshot inside of a structure block.
  • Create a 3D object of your structure.

Below all three methods will be shown using the Pillager outpost structure as an example.

In-Game Screenshot

This is the simplest method because it is quick and easy. It also lets you showcase the structure in the context of the world, there are some disadvantages however. You may need to find a good place to take a screenshot or have difficulty finding a good angle.

In a Structure Block

This method avoids some of the disadvantages of a screenshot in the world, you are able to focus entirely on the structure without other blocks in the view.

By making JSON UI edits you can change the background color and remove other elements to further improve this method.

Rendered 3D Object

Structures can be exported as a 3d model. If 3D export button is not working for you, you can try applying a 3d-export-fix pack.

Download Pack
Download Pack (prior 1.19.30)

This method is mostly available for pc users. You can create a simple render in Paint 3D or a more advanced in blender. In this case we can represent our structure in a fast and easy way.

⬇ If you have any other methods, contribute them below.