Fog IDs

minecraft:fog_bamboo_jungleFog used in the bamboo jungle.
minecraft:fog_bamboo_jungle_hillsFog used in the bamboo jungle hills.
minecraft:fog_basalt_deltasFog used in the basalt deltas. Adds a gray-red tint to the edge of the sky
minecraft:fog_beachFog used in the beach biome.
minecraft:fog_birch_forestFog used in the birch forest
minecraft:fog_birch_forest_hillsFog used in the birch forest hills biome.
minecraft:fog_cold_beachFog used in the cold beach biome.
minecraft:fog_cold_oceanFog used in the cold ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_cold_taigaFog used in the cold taiga biome.
minecraft:fog_cold_taiga_hillsFog used in the cold taiga hills biome.
minecraft:fog_cold_taiga_mutatedFog used in the mutated cold taiga biome.
minecraft:fog_crimson_forestFog used in the crimson forest biome. Adds a red tint to the edge of the sky
minecraft:fog_deep_cold_oceanFog used in the deep cold ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_deep_frozen_oceanFog used in the deep frozen ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_deep_lukewarm_oceanFog used in the deep lukewarm ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_deep_oceanFog used in the deep ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_deep_warm_oceanFog used in the deep warm ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_defaultDefault fog used in the game.
minecraft:fog_desertFog used in the desert biome.
minecraft:fog_desert_hillsFog used in the desert hills biome.
minecraft:fog_extreme_hillsFog used in the extreme hills biome.
minecraft:fog_extreme_hills_edgeFog used in the extreme hills edge biome.
minecraft:fog_extreme_hills_mutatedFog used in the mutated extreme hills biome.
minecraft:fog_extreme_hills_plus_treesFog used in the extreme hills with trees biome.
minecraft:fog_extreme_hills_plus_trees_mutatedFog used in the mutated extreme hills with trees biome.
minecraft:fog_flower_forestFog used in the flower forest biome.
minecraft:fog_forestFog used in the forest biome.
minecraft:fog_forest_hillsFog used in the forest hills biome.
minecraft:fog_frozen_oceanFog used in the frozen ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_frozen_riverFog used in the frozen river biome.
minecraft:fog_hellFog used in the nether wastes biome. Adds a red tint to the edge of the sky
minecraft:fog_ice_mountainsFog used in the ice mountains biome.
minecraft:fog_ice_plainsFog used in the ice plains biome.
minecraft:fog_ice_plains_spikesFog used in the ice spikes biome.
minecraft:fog_jungleFog used in the jungle biome.
minecraft:fog_jungle_edgeFog used in the jungle edge biome.
minecraft:fog_jungle_hillsFog used in the jungle hills biome.
minecraft:fog_jungle_mutatedFog used in the mutated jungle biome.
minecraft:fog_lukewarm_oceanFog used in the lukewarm ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_mega_spruce_taigaFog used in the mega spruce taiga biome.
minecraft:fog_mega_spruce_taiga_mutatedFog used in the mega spruce mutated taiga biome.
minecraft:fog_mega_taigaFog used in the mega taiga biome.
minecraft:fog_mega_taiga_hillsFog used in the mega taiga hills biome.
minecraft:fog_mega_taiga_mutatedFog used in the mega mutated taiga biome.
minecraft:fog_mesaFog used in the mesa biome.
minecraft:fog_mesa_bryceFog used in the mesa bryce biome.
minecraft:fog_mesa_mutatedFog used in the mutated mesa biome.
minecraft:fog_mesa_plateauFog used in the mesa plateau biome.
minecraft:fog_mesa_plateau_stoneFog used in the stone mesa plateau biome.
minecraft:fog_mushroom_islandFog used in the mushroom island biome.
minecraft:fog_mushroom_island_shoreFog used in the mushroom island shore biome.
minecraft:fog_oceanFog used in the ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_plainsFog used in the plains biome.
minecraft:fog_riverFog used in the river biome.
minecraft:fog_roofed_forestFog used in the roofed forest biome.
minecraft:fog_savannaFog used in the savanna biome.
minecraft:fog_savanna_mutatedFog used in the mutated savanna biome.
minecraft:fog_savanna_plateauFog used in the savanna plateau biome.
minecraft:fog_soulsand_valleyFog used in the soulsand valley biome. Adds a dark green tint to the sky
minecraft:fog_stone_beachFog used in the stone beach biome.
minecraft:fog_sunflower_plainsFog used in the sunflower plains biome.
minecraft:fog_swamplandFog used in the swamp biome.
minecraft:fog_swampland_mutatedFog used in the mutated swamp biome.
minecraft:fog_taigaFog used in the taiga biome.
minecraft:fog_taiga_hillsFog used in the taiga hills biome.
minecraft:fog_taiga_mutatedFog used in the mutated taiga hills biome.
minecraft:fog_the_endFog used in the end biome. Adds a black tint to the edge of the sky
minecraft:fog_warm_oceanFog used in the warm ocean biome.
minecraft:fog_warped_forestFog used in the warped forest biome. Adds a dark red tint to the edge of the sky

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