Script Resources

JavaScript is a well-known scripting language over the internet. Learning JavaScript will be helpful to you to build and develop an add-on with Script API.

You are advised to learn JavaScript free from online courses available online, such as the following:

Script API Resources

There are somewhat decent amount of resources available online related to script API. Important links have a ⭐.

  • Sample GameTests from Microsoft - Sample GameTest behavior files for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Minecraft supports GameTests - a combination of JavaScript + MCStructures - for validating facets of Minecraft behavior.

  • Official Script API Documentation - Microsoft's official documentation of high-level introduction of experimental Script API

  • Script API Projects - Some Script API projects are hosted on GitHub. Some of them are worth checking out.

  • Script API Examples - JavaScript code snippets that uses Script API modules only

Minecraft Bedrock Edition uses a their own version of JavaScript, which is based on QuickJS. It uses the ECMAScript module (ESM) system for organizing and loading code, which allows for a more modular and organized approach to writing scripts for the game.