Setting Up the Pack


To start making your addon you should download this template. This template contains all the required assets for a start on making the VR pack.

Get the template!


Dont delete contents.json and textures_list.json from the template.

What does the template contain?

The template contains 2 editable folders; holograms and textures, these folders contain the models and textures for the vr objects.


This folder contains all the models the VR version of Minecraft uses, for example the VR hands.


This folder stores all textures for the models.

Merging the VR template with your own pack

This pack depends on the contents.json and textures_list.json to work. All assets from your pack, that the game will use, need to be defined in there. If you have 2 of the same files you are ought to combine them.

Your progress so far