What are Addons?

An "Addon" is the Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Windows 10, iOS, Android, Consoles) equivalent to Java mods. However, in contrast to Java, the Bedrock Edition API is officially maintained by Mojang instead of the community.

In general, you can think of mods as modifying the game, and addons as adding onto the game, following the development opportunities provided by Microsoft.

What is this guide?

This guide is a beginner tutorial, intended to walk you through the first stages of addon-creation. You will create your very own fully-functional Ghost entity, as well as an Ectoplasm item, and some other associated files.

By the end of this guide, you will have created an entire addon all by yourself, which you can play with and modify!

In this guide you will find boxes like these:


Some very helpful information!


Attention! Watch out for these common mistakes.

Watch out for these boxes! They contain very important information that could help you with problems.

Is the guide up to date?

This guide is written for the most recent stable release of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Many things won't work in previous versions, and some will be changed in later ones. We will keep the guide as up-to-date as possible, so no need to worry.

Appendix Pages

Alongside the step-by-step guide, we have a few other files here, which may be interesting to you:

What to do after finishing the Guide

At the end of the guide section, your first addon will be done! To further expand your knowledge, consider doing these:

  • Start your project!
  • To dive into the other aspects of adding onto MCBE (Minecraft Bedrock Edition), you can use the different sections' sub guides listed in the Appendix. This includes but is not limited just to custom Blocks, Biomes, advanced Items, Animation Controllers, and even JS scripts. Some sections provide more technical in-depth tutorials and documents for each relevant topic.